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Courtauld Images offers online access to the unique image archives within The Courtauld Institute of Art, including The Courtauld Gallery, the Conway Library, the Witt Library, and the Photographic Survey of Private Collections. By request, we can supply high resolution images for study purposes. Where possible we can also issue publishing licenses for the use of images within books, periodicals, documentaries, and online etc. This service is used by scholars, academic publishers, researchers, charities, galleries, museums, amongst others.

The collections in brief

The Courtauld Gallery
One of the most important collections in Britain, including world-famous Old Masters, Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, and an outstanding prints and drawings collection.

The Conway Library
The library contains just over one million images of architecture, architectural drawings, sculpture and manuscripts, from Classical Antiquity to the present either as original photographs or cuttings from journals and catalogues.

The Witt Library
The library is a collection of original photographs and cuttings from published material after paintings, drawings and prints, of western art, covering the period 1200 to the present day. All major artists are represented in depth and one of the strengths of the library is its coverage of lesser-known artists, unparalleled elsewhere.

Photographic Survey
Photographs of paintings, drawings and watercolours, sculpture, architecture and architectural drawings from over five hundred private collections in England, Wales and Ireland.

These libraries are essential resources for those interested in the serious study of art, architecture and historiography. The foundations were first laid in the early twentieth century, as such, will be of increasing importance. Most of the black and white photographs from the Witt, Conway, and PhotoSurvey, have not yet been digitized. We aren't able to offer a research service at this time, but, to find out about visiting these libraries in person please refer to the relevant information pages here, or call +44 (0)203 9477 633. Access to the Conway and Witt Libraries is by reader’s card, and can be arranged on arrival.

In order to maintain the systems essential to this service we are required to charge modest fees to cover costs. To reflect our academic customer base, and to help support and encourage academic study, our fees are kept as low as possible. Any profits that are made are then donated to support the activities of The Courtauld Institute of Art and The Courtauld Gallery.

The fees (excluding VAT) are broken down into three parts: i) The supply of a high resolution image (with 300ppi). This will cost from £16 per image standard service, or £32 per image priority service; ii) The handling fee is £5 per invoice/contract; iii) The rights fee per image – this starts at £0 and will increase depending upon the position, the formats, and print run of the publication.

To obtain a rights quote please provide the image id and details of your publication, or, complete the rights form found under each image on this site, and send to images@courtauld.ac.uk. We aim to respond to requests as quickly as possible. If your request is urgent then we will let you know if we are able to offer a priority service.

A couple of tips when completing the form:
1) You may be asked to click ‘enable edit’, please do so.
2) Where you find the word ‘select’ click on it and you will find a drop-down menu of likely answers. If your answer isn’t amongst them the word ‘select’ can be overwritten.

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Courtauld Images is part of SCT Enterprises Ltd. All profits are donated to support the activities of the Institute and the Gallery.